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Shawnte McKinnon



Mckinnon is a highly experienced professional with a diverse skill set in the field of business. Her expertise includes financial reporting, financial statements, grants accounting, budget proposals, raising capital, business development, strategic and growth planning, budgeting, forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, and taxes. With over 18 years of experience and study in business, she has gained valuable knowledge and practical insights.

Mckinnon holds an MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute with Scholar Distinction and a Certification in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University, indicating her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Her educational background has equipped her with a solid foundation in management principles and strategies.

In addition to her business acumen, Mckinnon has also served in the United States Air Force, showcasing her dedication to serving her country and her ability to work in a disciplined and structured environment.

Mckinnon is highly regarded for her professionalism, affable personality, and ability to provide practical solutions with proven results. Her clients consistently seek her advice and trust her judgment on various matters. She prides herself on providing accurate insights on market conditions, trends, and comparable sales and offering realistic outlooks to her clients.

What distinguishes Mckinnon even further is her track record of helping businesses increase and retain revenue, even in challenging economic climates. Her passion for her work is evident, and she strives to create a work-life balance that allows her to excel both professionally and personally.

Overall, Mckinnon's extensive experience, educational background, military service, and commitment to excellence make her a highly capable and respected professional in the business field.

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