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Today’s business world is intricate, fast-moving, and volatile.  Now more than ever, business leaders across the world must respond to various changes in the economy, environment and socially. The path to a business model that provides sustainable business requires responsiveness.  The ability to adapt and resiliency to these changes can be challenging. 


Mckinnon Strategic Consulting Group will assist you with the necessary steps for your business to achieve success in the continuum or at specific points.

Mission Statement

The mission of McKinnon Strategic Consulting Group is to navigate the woes out of business. We aim to provide strategic guidance and consulting services to help enterprises to overcome challenges, identify opportunities, and achieve their goals.
Our focus is on assisting companies
in navigating complex situations, making informed decisions, and implementing effective strategies to drive growth and success.
Through our expertise, experience, and dedication,
McKinnon Strategic Consulting Group aims to be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them overcome obstacles and thrive in today's competitive landscape.

We Offer


Business solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and non profits. 
Business Planning
Cost-Benefit Analysis 
Cost Reduction / Efficiency Improvements
Development and Growth
Diversify and create multiple streams of income 
Financial Planning and Budgeting
Grant Proposal Budget
Marketing Strategy
Market Research
Operations Administration Streamlining

Let us help your organization develop an effective strategy for success. 

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Phase 1 - Analyze

  • Assess risks and opportunities

  • Identify material issues

Phase 2 - Plan

  • Build the business case

  • Develop strategies

  • Identify stakeholders

  • Set targets

  • Draft policies

Phase 3 - Implement

  • Implement new systems

  • Deliver training and education

  • Engage and incentivize employees

  • Ensure compliance

  • Establish governance frameworks

Phase 4 - Monitor

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Measure environmental and social impacts

  • Monitor supplier performance

Phase 5 - Report

  • Design reporting approach

  • Integrate financial with non-financial information

  • Assure reporting systems

  • Assure performance reporting

Phase 6 - Evaluate

  • Measure return on investment

  • Analyze cost/benefit

Understanding The Phases of Your Business


Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Shawnte Mckinnon is the owner and founder of Mckinnon Strategic Consultant Group with an accounting, finance, and operations focus. She has worked with numerous small businesses, educational institutions, corporations, non-profits,  as well as entrepreneurs.

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